This is a new adventure for me. Writing blogs! Giving you a little peek into what’s going on inside my head. It’s a mess in there so maybe sometimes you aren’t able to follow. That’s ok. I can’t either 🙂

The next days I will try to find out how this all works and then I will cover you in useless crap about what’s driving me nuts everyday. What keeps me going. What keeps me sane or just drives me insane. About my passions, my deepest hopes, my darkest corners. That is…. if you are interested ofcourse.

So, this is it for now. I will be back to bother you later on!




Author: balancingshadows

Just little me, trying to wake people up, trying to help our mother earth. Always learning about me, about life. I am a therapist in natural medicine for animals and an animalcommunicator. Forever young, but an old soul. Passionate about music. Trying to rediscover my creative sides. Boring people with my "wisdoms" and quotes. Trying to accept the fact that I belong to the human race. Building up courage to take a leap of faith. These blogs are my thoughts, my emotions, my experiences, my truths. They are not based on any scientific facts or what so ever. I cannot take responsibility for my blogs causing you to experience any discomfort ;-)

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