True Humans?

Yesterday I was watching MasterChef Australia, on the Dutch television, so it has already been broadcasted in Australia. And yes I like that program, believe it or not. I love the way people make such beautiful meals with so much passion and feeling. There are a lot of cooking competitions on TV nowadays, but somehow MasterChef Australia always makes me smile. I think there is a very positive feeling about this program. I just love Gary and little hopping George. Of course it is probably all directed and not really spontaneous but to me it seems that way, so they did a great job. A lot nicer than the angry-looking Dutch chefs who always put the competitors down and focus on what goes wrong. But hey, the Dutch are known for their negative attitude towards life. And I really can’t watch Gordon Ramsay, he is someone I wouldn’t want to work under. I would be very unmotivated. He is not a natural leader, swearing, cursing…. Brrrr….., but he too probably has his positive sides 🙂

Now yesterday I watched the episode where they were honored to cook for his holiness Dalai Lama. I love Dalai Lama. I had the pleasure of seeing him speak a few years back in Antwerp. I don’t know what it is about this man. He is such a nice and caring man. But he is also very simple. He just lives his life. He is old, but he has such a vital and young energy about him. Just watching him gave me a warm feeling. Years ago when I saw him in Antwerp there also was this special feeling. Is it because when he enters the room everybody just instantly forgets everything and turns their focus on this man? What makes him so special, so pure? Why is a “powerful” government like the Chinese one so scared of him? Why do the Tibetans still want to live like the old days? Is he a true human? His message is actually very simple. Love and compassion. True understanding towards each other and no judgment over other humans or cultures. He had to run from his home country many years ago and knows he will never see it again. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t blame the Chinese. All he asks for is that Tibet gets an autonomous status and that the people are allowed to continue their own way of spiritual and cultural life. And all this with love and compassion, with non-violence. He is the one that tries to connect. Connect cultures, connect religions. He does not judge. He talks to everyone, he tries to build bridges, tries to make people understand that in the end we are all the same, with the same needs. Love and compassion. It’s so simple. And that’s what he is to me. A very simple, humble man. He doesn’t really like all the rituals surrounding him but he undergoes them because that is the way of his culture. He believes the institute of Dalai Lama might be outdated, he himself would not want to reincarnate as a political leader. He loves the simple things of life. He really still knows what it is to be at peace with yourself, not afraid to be in the silence.

After he had eaten the meals the competitors had worked so hard for to present to him, he did not want to really judge the meals. He said all the meals were very good, just because of the love and hard work they had put into it. They all had put their own feelings and energy into the food. And so he thought all the food was good, he just thanked them all. No competition, no pressure.

To me he is a true human, he is what I think humans should be like. Honest, pure, almost childlike but very wise at the same time. Always smiling, always spreading love and compassion. Always sharing, no need for possessions, no need for personal gain or success. We all have Dalai Lama hidden inside of us, some of us more hidden away then others. We are just so insecure we need the success, the possessions, the money. We want “more”, “bigger”, “better”. But all of that doesn’t make us “more” human, it even makes us less in my opinion.

Let’s not forget to laugh, for Dalai Lama loves to laugh. He loves a good sense of humor and says sometimes you shouldn’t take life so seriously, just take it as it comes, and the thing that is bothering you right now, will you still remember it a year from now? 

Never give up. No matter what is going on never give up. Develop the heart. Too much energy in your country is spent developing the mind instead of the heart. Be compassionate. Not just to your friends but to everyone. Be compassionate. Work for peace in your heart and in the world. Work for peace and I say again, never give up. No matter what is happening, no matter what is going on around you. Never give up.

Read more about Dalai Lama here:

About the Tibetan cause:

About the history of the Dalai Lamas:

And about Tibetan Buddhism:

And remember to smile, it is the most beautiful trade of us humans! That is if you haven’t used too much botox 😉

Warmest thoughts


p.s. I wrote this at a time I didn’t know about the monks that are currently burning themselves….. What a sacrifice to make a statement, let’s hope it is not in vain.

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4 thoughts on “True Humans?

  1. what a great way to turn the competition in a non competition! Great spirit!

  2. Maybe we should all learn from that, and start working together instead of fighting eachother. 🙂

  3. The Dalai Lama is my hero, I think you’ve done a great job on writing this. I love it! 🙂

    And yes.. being peaceful and live the simple way, it would sort out so many things and crazy minds. Thank you Diana.

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