Life and death

Life and death belong to each other, life cannot be without death, and death cannot be without life. Death is something inevitable.


This week I have been visited by the spirits of my ancestors regularly, after doing a workshop at the Shamanic Festival. I have some trouble dealing with death. I think everyone has. I know it is a part of life, and I know it will come. I worry about my own passing. I really like the life I am living now and I feel I
am not done yet, but how long am I given to stay in this consciousness?

Sometimes death is merciful, just because it will release you from the body or spirit that is old, or done, or broken. And to that person it is a blessing, they will welcome death, they sometimes even choose death themselves. They will have this serene peaceful look on their faces after they passed on. Some people just know when it is their time, they start to say goodbye to their loved ones, visit places from their past, finishing the unfinished. People who are very in touch with nature and the spirit world are very aware when it is their time. Like cats they find a peaceful quiet place, sit or lie down, and pass on. Very few of us are given to die in our sleep peacefully, sometimes you can prepare, and sometimes it comes suddenly. But death always comes.

But our passing can also be very violent, or brutal, like for an ex-Liberian dictator this week. I was horrified by the images and videos, I know I shouldn’t have watched them but somehow I just had to (and you couldn’t ignore the pictures anyway, they were everywhere). You can discuss whether he deserved this kind of death or not, but he still was a human being, a husband, a father. And by doing what they did, they were behaving just as bad as what they accused him of. I really was horrified by the screaming and kicking men in the videos, that they could beat and kill this man in cold blood. It gave me no feeling of hope for this country. This week I also heard about this little 2 year old Chinese girl who got run over by a car in the street, not once but twice, and was left there, lying in pain, to die. Because the Chinese say that the one who brings in the wounded is responsible for them. What? It took 7 minutes and 18 people before someone picked her up. I couldn’t watch this video, I just couldn’t. Think about this, this is no way to die. The story alone made me cry. Murder and accidents happen every day. I think those spirits will not pass on gently, they will have a hard time finding their way to the afterlife.

And the father of a singer of a band we like died. He died after losing a battle with a disease. His family now has the time and is allowed to mourn him. His soul will be able to pass on in peace I hope. Many are sending strength and love, all over the world. That must give the ones that are left behind such a warm feeling.

Animals also mourn, but sometimes they just have no time to mourn. Some animals even honor their ancestors, like elephants. We also do that, as we should. For without them we wouldn’t be alive today. We bury our dead, or burn them. Sometimes the body or ashes are released back into nature; sometimes we hold on to the remains. People always have had their own ways of dealing with death. The word death has a not so nice sound and energy to it, it feels like an ending. Death is never an ending, whether you believe in some form of afterlife or not, life goes on, never-ending, long after we’ve gone.

It is almost Samhain, when the veils between the worlds of the living and the departed are very thin. I think I am healing my own fears of death at the moment, with the help of my ancestors. I see them around me, I feel them with me. I think I am even healing the family dramas at the moment. I seem to be the carrier of the Karma of the family. It is not always easy, but it feels very good to do so. I hope I can help myself, the living and the diseased with accepting the continuous circle of life and death.


Don’t forget to enjoy and celebrate life, and even death. Don’t forget to continue to grow, to learn, especially spiritually. Maybe some of you do, but most of us don’t know when it is our last day in this form.

Peace and quiet and prayers for those mentioned in this blog.

Love and light


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3 thoughts on “Life and death

  1. Wow… you go girl 😉

    1. That is not meant like it sounds. The story you put down here expresses you and thats what I meant of course …. not about the blog. That is just very well written and from the heart.

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