I love music. I consider music as a major passion. Music, singing, dancing are qualities I actually like in human beings. I like many forms of music, singing and dancing but there is one binding factor: it has to move me, I must be able to feel it, to live it. It must awaken my senses, the lyrics have to have a deeper meaning or a genuine felt emotion. Music connects, music heals, music comforts.

My mother once said I could sing English before I could even talk Dutch. I don’t know if that is so, maybe it just sounded like English ;-). To my recollection music has always been there, it is and always has been a very important part of my life.

Now I am a thinker, a bit of an over thinker even, it is not easy for me to let go of my thoughts, of my worries. But through music I can. When it is a big mess in my head with all those wandering thoughts and worries, suddenly a melody pops up in my head. A song by someone else or something that just flows into my brain. It helps me stop the noises. It is never quiet up there, and through meditation I have learned to deal with the noises. I know that if I don’t follow them nothing happens. My thoughts will always be there, but I don’t always have to act on them. But when it all gets too loud, music saves me. Listening to it, or  just making it myself.

As a kid I wanted to learn to play the piano. I really love that instrument. But alas, my parents didn’t have a lot of money and not a very big house, so no piano for me. But I was allowed to start playing an instrument and my second choice was the flute. I liked playing it, but I didn’t like the learning, having to play pieces I really didn’t like. Being with students that were so much better than me. I was average, the other two were so good that one of them eventually went to the acadamy of music. And then my life changed, puberty came, boyfriends. Other priorities. And after 7 years or so I gave up playing.

But the last couple of years it has been coming back, this need to make music myself. Not just listen to it. Through someone in my Mandala class I came in contact with the band Omnia. At first they didn’t appeal to me, until I saw them perform live at the Archeon in Alphen a/d Rijn. I was completely blown away.
That is what music is all about, straight from the heart! And wow, a harp! That is nice. Later that year I went to a harp-therapy workshop and lost my heart to this beautiful instrument. It really sings, and even vibrates your own emotions. It took me almost a year to make the decision to buy my own harp, and that happened in October 2010. So I am the proud owner of a little lap-harp now. I practice on it, try to learn songs, try to compose my own tunes. But then the learning bit started again. And I started to feel this resistance again.
I just wanted to play, just fool around, sees what comes out of my hands. Nothing fancy. Just me, my feelings and the harp. Playing from the heart.

Shamanism came onto my path, and I went and did my first Drum circle. Wow. That was an awesome experience. I felt the heartbeat of Mother Earth, it came out through the drum. Again letting it flow, seeing what rhythm comes from your soul. At the Shamanistic festival I attended a workshop Shaman voice. Singing from the heart, with you whole body. And I had a voice! I had volume! I could even sing very high! What a discovery. And then I started to play the harp again, and the sound was different. Because I played from the heart again and not from the head.

I cannot imagine life without some form of music, and if for some reason I wouldn’t be able to listen to cd’s anymore then I will always play music myself. I really want to take up playing the flute again, and learn some sort of percussion. But all in time, and most important in my own way.

The kinds of music I like are very varied, I love good classical music, but also good rock, folk, native, Celtic. All kinds really. Just as long as it is genuine, as long as it comes from the heart. After the workshop Shamanic Voice I listened to a mainstream radio station and thought, ouch, those voices, they sound so
squeezed! I had to turn the radio of…. I still can’t listen to it.

Ending with a little list of some of my favorite composers/singers/bands 🙂 I have a thing for lists…. Bad habit 😉 This is a moment in time, my favorites can always change, and I like hearing new things.

Male singers: Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Jacques Brel, John Lennon, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra

Female singers: Kiri te Kanawa, Maria Franz, Meris/Lene

Bands: Omnia, Muse, Faun, The Beatles, Euzen, Valravn

Composers: Hildegard von Bingen, Pjotr Ilyich Tchaikovksy, Antonin Dvorak, Sergei Rachmnaninoff, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein

Musicians: Ludovico Einaudi (Piano), James Galway (Flute), John Williams (Guitar), Vladimir Ashkenazy (Piano), Yehudi Menuhin (Violin), Jennifer Evans-van der Harten (Harp),  Xavier de Maistre (Harp), Steve Evans-van der Harten (different sorts of instruments, but especially the flute)

Composers of Film music: John Williams, John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer

Choreographer: Isabelle Beernaert

And especially al those musicians who play from the heart, pure and simple, at home or in their community, the natives. I love that pure music 🙂 Maybe most of all. Playing together, just jamming and letting the sounds evolve by themselves, resonating until it fills up your mind, body and soul 🙂

So sing and dance and play all day!


This is pure emotion:

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