Flower Remedies

One of my favorite subjects in school is Bach flower remedies. I love plants and trees and I think they can be great helpers. Especially in this way. Dr. Edward Bach developed the flower remedies. He was not satisfied with regular medications and therapies, and tried to find something that could help people on a deeper level, but also accessible to everyone. He was very interested in homeopathy, but found this to be too complicated. Heal the patient, not the disease that is what he did have in common with Samuel Hahnemann. He believed that physical and mental discomfort came from an imbalance in the very being of a person. He developed 38 remedies which he classified in different groups, like fear, anger, insecurity, things like that. What he did was feel the actual vibration of the particular plant or tree. He was very sensitive; nowadays he would be called a high-sensitive person. He thought the 38 remedies represented the vibrations of the cosmos. He tried to find a way to capture those vibrations and found the best way to do that was in water. In pure natural water. You can find how the remedies are made on the internet or in the many books written about it, or on the website of the Bach Centre in England. I’ve actually visited the Centre at Mount Vernon, it is a very special place.

Now we all have those vibrations in our system, some more prominent than others. You could have an imbalance on one or more of those vibrations. Most of the time you have some sort of imbalance. Some imbalances are normal in different phases in your life. As long as you get back into balance on your own it is not necessary to start using the remedies. But when you can’t get out of it, when you get in a downward spiral the remedies are a beautiful, soft and simple helper.

We learn about them for use with animals. Animals are very pure and the remedies do wonders for them, they don’t block the remedies, they just work for them. In humans it works slightly different, but if you are open to them and are willing to change it will work. The remedies are described in many different books. What is the appearance of the person/animal in balance and what happens if the balance is off? Now probably nobody is ever in a 100% balance, you would be an enlightened person then, a sort of Bodhisattva.

I’ve used the remedies regularly, for myself, for my pets, for my family or their pets. You never get to see one remedy, most of the time it is a combination of 3-5 remedies, sometimes even 7. For myself I find it hard to choose the right ones. I have a tendency to focus on my negative sides, not my positive ones. And of course those positive ones can become imbalanced.

This week we learned about the Oak. Every time I read about the Oak remedy I think of it as one of the strongest ones amongst the 38 remedies. I could never be an Oak, no way. But then the teacher began talking about the Oak and how you recognize the Oak. I always imagined the Oak as a strong person or animal, one that you could not see past, one that was not to miss. To my surprise the description was slightly different. The Oak is the one that is always there, the silent wise one, and the one you turn to for help of comfort. The natural leader in a herd. Not the one that has to fight for his position but the one that simply is recognized as the true leader. The others will follow the Oak without questioning, without doubt. But the Oak is not one who steps out. He or she is very modest, more the silent force in the background. Oaks are not very  common. Oaks have a very big sense of duty, of responsibility. They would give their lives for the greater good. But never brag about it. It’s just their job, their natural way. They don’t stand out, not in words, not in energy, not in appearance. Despite their strong nature they have a very soft appearance, very friendly. They always go on, long after others would have given up, and they persevere. And that is where they go wrong. They keep going, they go over their physical limitations. They don’t complain, they refuse help from others. They keep going even when their body is tired and hurt. On and on. Always for others, always for the greater good. And never complain. They get problems with their bones, their joints, their tendons and muscles. Their body is struggling to keep up with the strength the mind says it needs. They even dislike being ill because it keeps them from doing what they want to do most, just be that pillar of strength. Because they fight the disease instead of taking their time to heal it gets even worse.

Now imagine the Oak, the majestically and mythical tree. The strong one. That is exactly how the oak is. There are ancient Oaks in England that are hollowed out, you could even live in them, but they are still there. They keep on going. I never looked upon myself as an Oak because I feel more connected to the Beech. I think the Beech is like the Grandmother, the wise one that comforts you, shelters you. I can be a negative Beech in some situations. As stated earlier; all the remedies/the vibrations are inside of you. But learning about the Oak opened up my eyes. I have a lot of Oak in me. At least, I think so, someone else should have to confirm that for me. I have a lot of other remedies that come up every now and then. The insecurity of the Larch and the Cerato, I have used Mimulus for certain fears, Aspen in a time I was actually afraid of living, I have used Wild Oat when I was lost and couldn’t find my path. But the Oak just never came to me. I could never be an Oak, could I? But now I wonder.  So I am going to use this little friendly remedy for a while, together with the olive, and maybe I will start taking the much-needed rest, ask for help when  needed, enjoy the lighter side of life.

I am very thankful that Dr Bach developed these remedies; he was a pioneer in that area. All sorts of other remedies are available nowadays, with the plants and trees of other countries/areas. There are even remedies made from the energy of animals, the animal essences. No animals were harmed making them. I prefer the Bach remedies because the plants/trees used are the ones that grow in this part of the world. I believe in oneness so it shouldn’t matter where the remedy comes from, but still I feel more connected to these remedies. Also the flower remedies that are made in the Netherlands speak to me. But it is always a case of feeling if something fits with your own energy. See what speaks to you, what vibrates with you.

Be open-minded and try to find out about this very nice and soft way of healing, with help of our flower and tree sisters and brothers 🙂

Keep it balanced!


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