Living from the Heart

I felt today I had to write this, on this special date 11-11-2011. I feel something is happening, energies are changing, and connecting to Mother Earth just felt so nice and peaceful today, more than it has in a long time.  I truly believe it is time for us to start living from the heart again. We do everything from our minds nowadays, even loving. We just have gone numb on feeling.

Remember how you feel on days when something special happens? Your wedding day, the day you meet someone you really like, the day your children are born. Even sad occasions, like the death of a loved one brings you closer to your heart. Or even when you are doing something you really love, like being creative. We call those feelings emotions. Some belief systems and people say that your emotions come from your ego and should therefore be controlled or even eradicated. They say they are not the real you, they are created by the ego. But why then do we have emotions? Isn’t denying emotions simply denying a part of your being? I think emotions keep us alive; they are there to give us messages on what is right and what is wrong. I think that without emotions we can never really trust our intuition. And personally I don’t think the basic emotions like love and anger come from the ego. I think they come from the heart. What I do agree on is that we should not be driven by our emotions. But we should not try to control them, I think on the long-term that even makes it worse. It’s like thoughts, you have them, but you don’t always have to act on them. Nothing happens when you don’t follow your every thought. Emotions are a part of you and you should accept them and just let them be what they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now on following your heart: the heart is right in the middle, it connects the upper and lower body, and it is the centre of the major chakras. The energy from Mother Earth and the Cosmos connect in the heart. It is the true balance. The so-called ego belongs to the lower chakras. The negative feelings of possession, greed, self-consciousness, prestige, I think they come from our basic survival needs. The higher chakras are believed to be the more spiritual ones, although they also work for the intellect. You can come to feel that you are above everyone else, spiritually or intellectually, that your way is the only right one. That happens to a lot of self-proclaimed spiritual leaders or scientists. But where is the balance? You are a complete person; you don’t walk around with only the lower part or the upper part of your body? That would be weird. To me it has to be in balance and for me my heart is that true center. The heart makes you a strong person that not only knows how to survive but also makes you think your actions through before making life changing decisions. And the heart knows how to connect, how to communicate without hurting others and above all how to love. Love is a very basic emotion. Without love we just simply wouldn’t exist. I don’t just mean the love between man and woman, or man and man, or woman and woman. It’s more the unconditional one. It makes you a caring person. A caring person would never want to harm others unnecessary, nor harm the place that provides you with everything you need to survive. It teaches you compassion, humility, to be thankful.

When you are the survival mode, the lower chakras take over. Finding food, processing the food, the need to reproduce, keeping healthy. Anger, fighting, jealousy and envy come from there. You see that happen in the countries where people have to fight to stay alive. The higher ones really take you up to a higher place, and you start living from your mind. Some call it being spiritual, but to me it isn’t. I’ve found that by only living from there it makes you deny being who you really are. What you have to do in this life, in this form. You just want to be somewhere else, do something else. It will keep you searching for answers, spiritually or scientifically. It makes you self-righteous. Your way is the only right way. This is what happens in religious wars and with intolerance. Religion most of the time comes from the mind whilst it should come from the heart. Religion should not be something learned from a book, or by following a religious leader. You should feel it. We are taught that we have to learn with our minds, there is no place in this society for learning and living from the heart. Even our school systems have no subjects on connecting, being creative, feeling and finding your true self.

When you start living from the heart this all doesn’t matter. You just accept everything as it is, as it comes. It enables you to go with the flow. In the heart there is a calm silence, a sense of knowing, a deeper sense of trusting the road life is putting you on. It shows you where you are going, what your true meaning in life is.

Nowadays I feel a shift in myself. But also in society, people are slowly beginning to understand that we can’t go on the way we do. But this is difficult. Changes always are. You have to let go of that what gives you a sense of security, even if it is a false sense of security. We rely on some people to make us feel safe, but are realizing that those people actually are doing the opposite. The few people with power are abusing it, making themselves “rich”, only thinking about themselves, money and economics. Power really corrupts. But I think there is some sort of ongoing revolution. I just hope people are doing it for the right reasons and not just because they want to have the things and money for themselves. Back to a more basic way of living to me is more the way of doing. Just step out of the rat race. Don’t want to be someone, don’t try to be an overachiever, don’t over consume. Be satisfied with less and start living from the heart again. Connect to each other, to nature, to Mother Earth. It is time for us to change. Really change. Living from the heart actually takes up a lot less energy, using your brain all the time is really tiring. You end up consuming even more, because you think all those fast foods and sugar based candy bars and energy drinks feed your system.

Think about those days you really felt alive! Living from your heart, being and doing what you really want. You could go without food for hours and hours. The heart needs a different kind of energy, the connecting energy, the great energy that flows in all of us and is all around us. It’s not destroying your physical body and above all it’s completely free!

I struggle with this most of the time; I really think I should start living from the heart 100%, but when the world around you isn’t ready for the next step it sometimes is really hard to stand by your own ways. I have to keep reminding myself I am doing the right thing. Letting go of the false securities step by step is getting me closer to my true center. I love my journey.

And as always, this is my view on things, maybe I am completely wrong. But in following my heart, everyday more and more, I really believe this is the way for mankind. And it gives me so much peace and trust in a higher plan.

This is a heartfelt message from Mother Earth and me to you all, love and peace!


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