Yesterday I watched the moviementury What the Bleep do we Know. I hadn’t watched this up until now, but we are going to use the theory of quantum physics in school next year so I thought I’d see this.

I immediately had this feeling about me I recognized. It was the same feeling I had after reading the first few pages of The Secret (which I never finished). It is soooo American, flashy pictures, we know everything better, our way is the only way, and let’s make loads of money on this so we can enrich ourselves….. Actors, people who want to be famous and important, someone who calls herself a channeler, talks about the beauty inside but really looks like a plastic Barbie with a perfect smile….. Hmmm I guess the Secret works for them ;-). I didn’t dislike the message of the Bleep, not at all. A lot of things mentioned actually were things that came to me over the years, without watching Bleeps, reading books, listening to someone telling me their way was the only right way. I guess movies, books and movements like these even cause more harm than making people aware of what really is important. It just divides humanity even more, it starts healthy discussions that end in mud throwing and accusing each other of being closed-minded. I think each of us should find out on their own what life is really all about.  I even ended up in a discussion with my husband. He is more of the evidence based science and I am more of a believer, of trusting my feelings and instincts. He thinks my ways are wrong and even dangerous, I think always trusting evidence based science is dangerous. How many times did that go wrong in the past? There just is no right or wrong. But as far as this Bleep thing goes: I don’t think the human mind is really able to fully understand everything yet.

Living isn’t safe, you get to go through being born, feeling happy, feeling sad, diseases, aging, and death. It is inevitable, for all of us. It really doesn’t matter if you think like my husband, or like me, in the end those aspects of life are actually real. Nothing else is. I see us humans as just another species on this planet, not any higher being. I watch the animals, living their lives as it comes. They don’t worry about science or particles moving the way they want. They don’t worry about the newest flat screen, or how they should profile themselves on Facebook. And they trust their feelings and instinct. Fully trust them. We are always looking for answers, maybe we should just stop looking and seeing that the answers are already there and always have been. We should stop wanting to explain every single thing that comes into our lives. Why relationships go bad, why we get this disease, why we regenerate, if there is an afterlife, if there is a higher being that controls us. We should focus on what we do have in common and that simply is living, and doing that without destroying our surroundings for personal gain. Not worry about if the table is a table to me or a chair to you, because the particles collapse in a different way for me. By accepting that life is all there is, by just being one with everything that is called life, all those questions will disappear. And then the oneness we all so crave is finally achieved.

But hey, What the Bleep do I know? And oh yes, this message is brought to you for free 😉 As I don’t have any fancy titles I probably don’t even know what I’m talking about 😉



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1 thought on “Bleep?

  1. very interesting movie indeed!

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