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In my studies I regularly come to the point where animals suffer mentally and physically because we humans are not letting the animal be an animal anymore. At least not what the animal was born to be and do. We tend to castrate our pets at a very young age; one of the main reasons for living for all animals is to reproduce, so that the species survives. If we do let them mate, it is under unnatural conditions. We use artificial insemination or don’t let the female animal choose her mate. We don’t let the male animals fight for their right to mate. Then if everything goes well we get the youngsters or even the eggs away from the mothers sooner than would happen in nature, and raise them ourselves. They develop all kinds of behavioral problems.

Then there is the task of feeding. Most animals take all day to do that. They graze for most of the day, they go out hunting. And they are outdoors most of their lives, with plenty of exercise. We keep them indoors, away from being who they were meant to be. We feed them; we take away the seasonal influences. And then they get sick, now this cannot happen, so we vaccinate them. But still they get weaker and develop other sorts of illnesses. They get problems with their teeth and bones. Because they can’t chew on bones of branches. So we try to replace that with toothbrushes and dental work. We get them physiotherapy and feed them medicine for the pain. They get digestive problems because their digestive systems are not meant to digest the ready foods we give them. And this list goes on and on. We breed animals on appearance alone and that causes even more problems. So my job as a therapist for animals when I graduate is to basically take care of  everything that comes from being kept in an unnatural way.

I started to wonder about that. Because what we do to our animals we also do to ourselves. We also do not live as we were supposed to anymore. We don’t live with the seasons; we no longer have any instincts on what food is good for us and what’s bad. We don’t trust our instincts anymore when it comes to relationships or even parenthood. Giving birth and being a mother is the most natural thing to do. We also try to eradicate diseases, we try to regulate ovulation, and we try to be something we are not. We try to be older when we are young; we try to be younger when we are old. Women are scared of their creative powers; men are no longer the providers they used to be. So we get sick. Because we no longer know how to be human. We started living from our minds instead of our hearts. Women are denying they were meant to be the loving, caring creators. They are the ones that always took care of harmony. Men have forgotten to fight. Fight for their role in the community, but never to kill. Only to see who is the natural-born leader. They were the ones that provided food, shelter and safety. Emancipation has gotten way out of hand. Women who are trying to be manlier, and man who are trying to hide their true strength. This causes diseases and behavioral problems, it causes abuse, killing and fighting. We just don’t know who we are anymore!

I hope it is not too late for us. Women! Be strong in your kindness, in your talent for loving and caring. You don’t have to be like a man to achieve something. It is not in our nature. It only causes stress for us! Men! Take your responsibilities and be the providers you once were!

Really I don’t mean we should go back to the stone age but….

But you should wonder why we as species are getting sicker and sicker and are even destroying our own home: Mother Earth. Think about it…..


p.s. sorry for the women who feel offended by this post. I just don’t think you should think yourself less then a man, but we simply have different qualities and talents and they are very much needed, especially in these times. They are beautiful and strong qualities! Women-power!!!!!!!!!

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