How I wish I could dance…….

How I wish I could dance like this (from the final of So you think you can Dance):

(The actual dance starts at 2:40)

I loved the whole show, I don’t watch a lot of television anymore, partly because I don’t like most things that are on tv, and partly because of studies. But I enjoyed watching this show, the great dancers, the beautiful moments, the art, the music. Dancing like this really moves me, I really shed some tears with some performances. One of my favourite dances of the whole show is this Argentine Tango danced by finalists Nina and Anthony. They were my favourites all along and I am so glad Nina won, but it was hard for me to choose. And how cute and gorgeous is Anthony! It was my little weekly break from everything else that is going on in my life at the moment.

And  I love the Argentine Tango. So tender, so passionate. How I wish I could dance like this with the one I love most in the whole world, my husband. Who knows, maybe one day……

Dreaming on….


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2 thoughts on “How I wish I could dance…….

  1. Let me dream allong with you… I don’t think we will get our hubbies to dance like that 🙂 But the dreaming about it is still very nice 😉

  2. Ah well, I would love to do any kind of dancing…. My body is calling out!!!!!!!!!

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