Wrinkle, wrinkle, little star…….

This morning I got up before sunrise, time for work. With my sleepy head I took a look in the mirror. And suddenly I saw all these wrinkles. I mean, it’s not like they came out of nowhere but I just really noticed them for the first time. I started looking at every little line and crackle in my face. Every little spot, every scar. My whole body is covered with them. I suddenly realised how much I love and appreciate them. Every line, spot and scar has its own story to tell. They are like your memories played out onto your skin. That little wrinkle above my eye, it is from still being surprised by people, by the wonders of living. The deep one between my eyes is from worrying and thinking too much.  Maybe that line came when I lost my father, oooh and that one is when I was so happy, when I met Richard. And look at those funny little wrinkles next to my mouth, they are from laughing. And the little crow’s-feet lines next to my eyes, maybe from staring in the sun, but also from laughing 😀 Laughing so hard you have to cry. The older the memory, the deeper the wrinkle. Ooooh and those brown spots are from a bad sunburn I got on a fantastic holiday in Egypt. And that little scar is where our first cat scratched me, he is no longer with us. Oh and that one on my foot, it’s from the accident I had when I was sixteen. Everything on my body has a tale to tell.

I smiled at myself, I love getting older. I love this body with all the memories on and in it. I am starting to look and feel like an older tree. By the time I get really old I will probably look like a gnarly one. I remember my mum once saying that she looked in the mirror one day and didn’t recognise herself. She still felt like herself but didn’t like the shell getting older. I guess your spirit gets wiser but doesn’t really get older, it is sort of timeless. Your house, your body does age. I think it is a beautiful process. Somehow I finally recognised myself this morning, quite a different experience then my mum had…

I will never do anything to get rid of those precious spots. I also love my hair, especially the ones that are silvery like and are growing in numbers. I love them, they are really stubborn little hairs, growing in another direction, or curling all up. Sometimes I just pull one out and stare at this lovely colour.

Some people never get to enjoy those wrinkles and hairs because they won’t make it to the age of admiring them. Others are scared of the lines and grey hairs and try everything to chase away the memories. Imagine not so very long ago the average age of a human was about 50 years old. The expectancy now is already between 70 and 80. So hopefully I can develop and enjoy my wrinkles and hairs for many, many more years.

Love life, and above all, love yourself.


Lovely old woman
Beauty, credits for picture go to Dave Adair
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9 thoughts on “Wrinkle, wrinkle, little star…….

  1. Love your attitude, Diana! You’re actually making me look forward to growing ‘old’ (although I’ve always wanted natural grey hair).

    Beautiful post. Thank you.


    1. Hey hey hey hey, hold your horses, Mister, how about enjoying the NOW hmmmm?

      Haha no but in all seriousness, I get what Philip is saying, because I feel the same way after reading this blog :]

    2. carefull what you wish for with the natural grey thingy…. On men it looks much better of course but the horror of deying it O_O pfff…. I’m just saying man! 😉

  2. Thank you both! You are two beautiful people 🙂 And living in the now is indeed important 🙂 And let the horses run free 😉

  3. Thanks for leading me here. I appreciate what I read. How true and now nice to have your insight. Great post. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

    1. You are welcome. Have a great weekend!

      1. You have a great weekend too,

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