My personal tips for a happier and healthier life

Blogging is fun, and I love sharing my thoughts with you all, but there is also something else I want to share with you:

Tips for a healthier and happier life without hurting Mother earth and our fellow earthlings, a tip for every day of the month, so this is a long post. Don’t read every word of it, think of a number between 1 and 31 and go to that one, it will probably mean something to you 😉

  1. Don’t over consume: every time you want to purchase something stop and think: do I really need this? What do I need it for? How was it made? Was anything used, abused or killed for it unnecessary? Again: do I really need it?
  2. Don’t eat more than you have to and eat healthy: every time you get a candy bar or energy drink: realize it is fast energy, it is sugar based. Realize what is does in your body. It will make you feel more energetic for a little while but it really doesn’t work. You blood sugar levels will go from high to low with the risk of developing hyperglycemia or diabetes. Other point: the wrappings/cans/ bottles…..    Alternative: Eat an apple or other fruit, the sugars in fruit work slow, leveling out your blood sugar levels. Also: the fruit rests; throwing that away isn’t as bad as a tin can. And no…. Red Bull cans cannot fly…. Other point: eat biological apples; they are even better for you and the  environment.
  3. Really choose your bank and your insurance company with care: try to find what they do with your   money. If you are trying to do well and your bank just invests your money in things that don’t fit your ideals than you should reconsider. There are alternatives.
  4. Green energy: try to get energy from companies that buy from and invest in green gas and energy. The fossil-based energy sources will end someday, and no, nuclear energy is not the long-term solution. Get your own solar-panels if you can afford them. Get a sun boiler for your shower. Don’t overdo the use of energy, gas and water. Again awareness: don’t put on to many lights, get energy-efficient lights, don’t let the water run if not necessary. Do you really need to shower every day? And that long? Use heating wisely. Don’t use things you can do without: dishwashers, dryers, solarium.
  5. Try to choose clothing and cosmetics that are pure and natural, and not tested on animals or even  partly made from animals. Don’t wear fur or leather that comes from animals that have suffered for it. Find out if your clothing is made with child-labor; that is just not right. There are a lot of alternatives or if you are handy: start making your own clothes again
  6. Another point on food: try to eat healthy; what that is for you is personal. Eat biological fruit, grains and vegetables. Eat meat from animals that have had a healthy and happy life. Eat fish that is caught in a normal way, not by destroying the oceans, reefs and sea creatures that are not for consumption. Or turn to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Try to get local products, or even better, grow your own. Don’t drink too much alcohol, mineral water is better. Don’t drink too much sugar based soda’s or fruit juices. Don’t overdo it on coffee or regular tea. Drink herbal tea every now and then. It helps with cleansing your system. Drink enough: listen to your body on that.
  7. If you smoke: it is ok if you want to, but realize it is not very healthy, and not so much for the nicotine but all the additives in today’s cigarettes and all. Realize what it does to your home environment and what effect it has of your non-smoking children, pets and plants.
  8. Try to be aware of what you purchase for your house: how and where was it made. Child labor? Rainforest destruction? What is it made of? Will it release toxic gasses in your home environment? How much radiation comes from it?
  9. Every time you take the car: is that really necessary? Can I take public transport to avoid traffic jams and the inability to find a parking space? Or is it walking distance? Or even a bicycle? It is a lot healthier!
  10. Exercise: just enough. Not too much, not to little, what your body needs. Find a form of exercise you  enjoy and can keep up.
  11. Think for yourself: do I really need this? Do I really want this? Why do I want this? This goes for everything, not only consumption. Watch TV, read books, surf the internet but always keep thinking for yourself, don’t follow blindly what you see, hear or read. Form your own opinion. If something doesn’t feel right for you than it probably isn’t.
  12. Do you really have to go on holiday every year? Or even 2-3 times a year? And do you really have to take a plane to far away places? Can’t you enjoy a holiday at home or nearby? If you do have the desire to take longer trips: consider other forms of transport. Discovering another country by train is really awesome! Don’t hop on a plane every time you take a short trip to a place you can easily get to with other means of transport.
  13. Be satisfied with what you have, don’t want the things you cannot have. Be thankful. Try to get your reward from something else than always wanting to earn more money. It will only create a chicken and egg situation. Higher paycheck: more expensive products: wanting a higher paycheck (that is a very simplified version, I know). Try to get by with a little less.
  14. Take care of yourself, your body, your house, your family, friends, and pets. Try to do something  without wanting anything back. Go volunteer at an elderly home, at an animal shelter, collect money for a good cause. Get a garden, get your fingers in the earth. Feel the plants and soil that feed you.
  15. Take time for yourself, enjoy the silence every once in a while. Spent some time in nature. Meditate, pray. Try to reconnect with your inner self and the higher self. Find something spiritual.
  16. Have at least one goal in your life and try to reach that goal. Try to make that goal something that you can realize, and don’t make it about material or financial growth.
  17. Do the work that you love. Or at least don’t do work that you really don’t like. It will really make you  miserable. The same goes for school: follow an education that you want or like, not the one others expect you to. It will only result in not wanting to go to school and learn.
  18. Respect and love yourself. Respect others. Try to understand what makes you and others tick. Read, talk, listen, look, feel. Don’t feel better of more worthy than the other. Have a good conversation or discussion but don’t make it about winning. Love the way you look, what has been given to you. Don’t try to be something that you are not. Be yourself; don’t try to be the other.
  19. Experience the difference between Love and lust. Love is more rewarding than lust. Is it worth it to lose a loved one over giving in to lust?
  20. Experience other things. If you are not a Christian: talk to a Christian, find out what moves them. If you are a Christian: talk to an atheist, find out what moves them. That goes for everything. Don’t discard the opinions and beliefs of others; they are there for a reason. Look at the similarities instead of the differences. Learn from each other. In the end we are all humans. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t be scared by people who look “different” than you. We all look different, but basically are the same.
  21. Take responsibility for your own actions, stop pointing the finger at others, society or governments.  In the end the only one who can change anything about your situation is really you.
  22. Find your creativity and enjoy doing creative things. This can be making or listening to music, singing, dancing, painting, collecting stamps, whatever makes your creative side active. Don’t care what others think of it, as long as doing it makes you happy.
  23. Don’t try to control everything in your life, there are things that we can never control, and we shouldn’t.
  24. For me personally one of the most important: don’t hurt animals, really, don’t. Why should you? Enjoy nature and wildlife, really look and feel; be proud of being a part of something so wonderful.
  25. Enjoy little things, snowflakes falling, autumn leaves whirling, the birdsong in spring, the way your baby looks at you.
  26. Don’t be afraid of getting sick, sickness is there for a reason. It will make you stronger if you survive. Don’t try to suppress everything, it will only come out in another way, it has to come out somewhere.
  27. If you are lost, talk to someone, someone you trust and love. Don’t be scared to show your vulnerable  inner self.
  28. Keep a diary; write down the things that made you happy, that made you sad, that you are thankful for.
  29. Don’t let troubles and misfortunes get you down. They are your lessons in life, in the end they will make you stronger and enable you to enjoy the happy moments even more. If minor troubles are taking a hold of you: will you remember them a year from now? No? Then they are not worth the headaches. Realise good and bad are one. One cannot exist without the other.
  30. Take care of your inner child.
  31. And last but not least: SMILE 🙂

As always: this is my view and these are the things I try to live by, I just wanted to share them with you.

Love and light


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