Singing and dancing.

One thing I would like to pursue next year is singing and dancing lessons. Not to become a performer but to learn how to present myself without shame or too much nerves.

I am not one that likes to be in the foreground, I usually get very nervous and my voice and knees collapse. The being afraid of failure part is already something I am working on. But the voice….. People literally cannot hear me, I talk so softly that they just cannot understand what I am saying. So I thought maybe with singing lessons I could learn to use my voice and breathing properly and learn how to speak in front of a group without going *squeak*. I do want to learn, because in the future I intend to teach others about what I’ve learned and give workshops and lectures. So I have to learn how to really present myself again, because I had no problems with that when I was a kid. The dancing is mostly for the exercise. I have to go out and do something again, my body is calling out, but I want to do something that I really like, and that is not running, or going to the gym. I love dancing, and I do whenever I can, freestyle. But I would love to learn something like the Argentine tango, or Balfolk. One of the problems with that is that I don’t have a partner, my husband just will not go out and dance with me. And I can’t change that, it is his choice. Maybe I’ll take up belly dancing 😉 He probably wouldn’t mind that LOL

Now this is my thing: I am not one for learning the conventional ways, so I am looking for teachers that teach unconventionally, more from the heart then the head so to speak. I’ve been searching the internet for people who teach that way, but there are not many options near the place where I live. And because I have to rely on public transport pretty much most of the time it seems like an impossibility.

So does anyone have any tips for me? Learn for myself? How to do that? And who knows, maybe with putting the intention out there next week a teacher like that will cross my path, or start teaching in or near my hometown. But if anyone knows anything please let me know 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Singing and dancing.

  1. I would say NIA but I guess you already knew that I would say that 😛 You might want to post in the NIA group on FB if there is a teacher nearby (or ask R to do that for you 😉 )

  2. I am keeping an eye on NIA and it is slowly growing, but still no teachers nearby…… One day maybe though….. 🙂

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