Emotions or feelings?

We often are confused. Is this an emotion or is it a feeling? I have been wondering about that. Lately I have been following a course about the Medicine Wheel in Shamanism and we are currently working with the powers of the West. Emotions, feelings also belong in the West, so this was also a topic. What is it? What do I feel, or is it an emotion?

According to the one giving the course a feeling is something from deep within, something basic, something we carry with us as old memories. I guess they are based somewhere in the limbic system. But what then are emotions? The basis for emotions is indeed feeling. Because we are living from our head and no longer from our complete being the brain can’t understand the feelings and translates these in emotions. But feelings go way deeper than just the translation from the brain. We deal with emotions, we cry, we get angry, we hit something, we yell. And then we think it is done, we are over it as we say. But in doing that you don’t get to the deeper meaning. And somewhere along the way you get lost. Because you’ve only dealt with the translations. And not the original feelings.

Lately I have been feeling more balanced than ever. I wondered how this came to be. By talking about this part in the Medicine Wheel and FEELING what it meant, I knew the answer. I am on my way to go deeper, to deal with the feelings and not so much with the emotions. I had a great weekend overall with lots of nice things, music, healing, friends, family, loved ones. There was a time I would fall into a deep hole after a weekend like that, missing all the good times. But it didn’t happen. And then yesterday I had a preliminary exam at school, and I failed. There was a time not so long ago I would be devastated, cry, be angry with myself, and probably have it out at my partner. But I didn’t get mad, sure it was not a great feeling to fail, but I could give it a place. It made me think about why I failed. I didn’t blame the teacher, I didn’t blame the school, nor my fellow students, not even myself. I thought, okay, this is  something to learn from. I felt so calm, and still do. I guess I am going past the emotions at the moment, into a deeper part of myself. The highs and lows of life are still highs and lows but my reactions to them, my feelings about them are different. It gives me a deep sense of calmness that I really enjoy.

I wonder how many more challenges I will meet the coming year, for I know they will come. I am no longer afraid of them, I am so willing to face them, to learn, to grow. I think the coming year will not be an easy one, but definitely worth it 🙂 What I do feel is that I need to be carefull about learning facts. It seems the more I learn, the less I feel, I really have to keep an eye on the balance in that.

Its midwinter, the longest night is here. This means that in this part of the world the days will grow longer, and the light will return. For me at this moment the returning of the light is also very symbolic for what is going on in my life….

Love and light, Happy Midwinter/Solstice/Yule/Christmas/and every other way of celebrating I forgot to everyone!



Author: balancingshadows

Just little me, trying to wake people up, trying to help our mother earth. Always learning about me, about life. I am a therapist in natural medicine for animals and an animalcommunicator. Forever young, but an old soul. Passionate about music. Trying to rediscover my creative sides. Boring people with my "wisdoms" and quotes. Trying to accept the fact that I belong to the human race. Building up courage to take a leap of faith. These blogs are my thoughts, my emotions, my experiences, my truths. They are not based on any scientific facts or what so ever. I cannot take responsibility for my blogs causing you to experience any discomfort ;-)

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