Who or what are we?

I should be doing homework right now but I can’t bring myself to it. I’ve been wanting to write something for a while and I decided to give in to it. I guess this is something I have to do before I am ready to get back to homework. Maybe this has to be out of my system first before I can do anything else.

Lately I have been watching more nature documentaries about life on earth. I love watching those but don’t give myself enough time to watch them. I am always amazed how wonderful life is and how complicated but in the end ever so simple. I watch the life of animals, plants, the elements, mother earth. I am in awe, I am moved, and sometimes I am overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. As always when watching those I start to wonder about the purpose of mankind. People are a strange breed, we really don’t fit in. And yet we are a part of it all, but which one? I don’t know, can anyone tell me? We are genetically closely related to chimpanzees. They say there is only about 1,2 % difference in our DNA. We humans are then so arrogant to put ourselves above all other species on earth. But what if that difference is a genetic aberration in our DNA? What if that 1,2 % difference means we will go extinct long before chimpanzees will (that is if we haven’t made sure they have gone extinct first). Is having the ability to walk upright (which is actually a disadvantage in my idea), to complex language (what I don’t think is complex at all, animal communications is way more complex than our own, because I firmly believe animals communicate on a more telepathic level), and a larger brain (and what has that brought us), so much better? We are “intelligent”. Are we really? Would we then be destroying our habitat? Weaken ourselves as species? I believe all other life forms on this planet are doing a better job at it than we do. They have adapted to living on this planet much better then we ever did. They don’t need to abuse the planet to survive. In even the most remote areas there is life to be found, perfectly adapted to their environment.

But maybe we are on the verge of evolving? If not we are sure to go extinct. And some of us are even so arrogant THE world is going to end this year. Maybe our world as we know it, maybe even our species, but the world is more than that. And then suddenly I think what if the animals and plants on this planet will suddenly realize their biggest enemy is mankind. What if they suddenly decide to turn against us? We simply wouldn’t stand a chance! But they wouldn’t because they simply don’t think that way; they are not intelligent, right? Or are they? Maybe there is a bigger plan for us all? Maybe they have faith in that, or they just don’t bother with it. They just accept and live their lives as it comes. They say mankind has a self-consciousness. How is that so? And who are we to claim we are the only species that have it?

I have been reading many blogs lately, some about every day life things, and some about the more “complex” things. Some about conspiracy theories, I kind of like those, but they are not very good for me. I already have a lot of trust issues. And lots and lots are about science. Everything has to be proven with scientific facts. But what is science? Is it facts? Is it not just another manmade thing? As is time? As are holidays? And religion? Is science really so much different from religion? Is it? It still comes down to believing in something. The proof science gives is still manmade proof. It uses equipment made by humans. And a fact is not a fact at all. It is our fact. It is not A fact. The most disturbing thing I watched lately is about the largest particle accelerator in Switzerland and something about the “God” particle. I think mankind is going on territory where they shouldn’t be going, because they have no idea what it will do on the long-term, but it seems science is also a sort of addiction. They asked someone who worked on this why they do it. He replied: so we will be able to control matter….. What? That scared the shit out of me. How on earth are you able to control matter when quantum physics is showing particles seem to be reacting in unexpected ways?

But then again, if you believe in a higher plan, maybe this is what should be happening. Who knows? And I know, I think too much…… I am a living example of the fact that having a larger brain is NOT always a good thing. But maybe it is all just simply about this:


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