Introducing our housemates

So after all these deep blogs and thoughts I’d like to introduce you to my best friends in the whole world, our lovely pets! Sure I have human friends but that is just different, at least to me it is.

This is my old and dear friend Elvis. He is a Shih-Tzu, born on June 12th 1996, and that makes him an old dog….. Especially if you realize he has slowly been loosing his ability to walk since he was 6 years old. But we love each other deeply, we have a special bond. He has been with me since he was a puppy, he was there for me in troubled times, he pulled me through with his soft and stable character. Elvis is not one who asks for attention, he is the wise one in the background. So now I am there for him in his “troubled” times. He is almost completely blind, he has lost the sight in one of his eyes due to an infection, and he is almost deaf. But he still seems to enjoy life; he is not in any pain as far as I know. I’ve learned so much from him. The biggest lesson, letting him go, is yet to come, but I am confident that even in that lesson he will be the best teacher ever.

And this little cutie is Saraja. She also is a Shih-Tzu, born on August 21st 1999. So she is a bit younger. Saraja has had a difficult past, as she has shown me through animal communication, but she is coping with her past. She came to live with us as a friend for Elvis, in 2002. She is my “mirror” dog, she takes over my moods, or runs away from them. If I am nervous, she stops eating, if I am happy, she is relaxed. She is a little grumpy nowadays and almost completely deaf. She doesn’t like walking in the rain but she loves the snow. She always is happiest when her pack is complete, and starts howling if someone is “missing”. She is a very special dog that helps me learn a lot about dog behavior and the bond between humans and dogs. And she thinks she is a cat, I am pretty sure of that 😉

And here we have Fluffy! She is a Bichon Frisee, born on April 4th, 1999. She is a very happy dog, she only wants to be with you, on you, walking with you, taking care of you, making sure you are just as happy as she is! She actually is mad about my husband, and he is always joking around, trying to give her to other people. Fluffy came to live with us in 2006, as a friend for Saraja, in case Elvis would pass away. You should know that the vets told us Elvis wouldn’t become very old, so we took precautions. But Fluffy turned out to be more of a people dog than a dog’s dog. Almost 2 years ago we nearly lost her after major surgery, but she is a very strong dog and made it through. With a lot of love and some help with natural medicine we pulled her through. She loves long walks, no matter what the weather is!

So we come to the cat’s part!

This is beautiful Luna. Luna is a Siberian Cat (with a pedigree), and she was born September 18th, 2007. We have had her since she was allowed to leave the litter. She is fully grown now. Siberian Cats take a long time to fully grow up. She is a Seal Tortie Tabby Point, and she is at her best in the winter, when her coat is full and dark, and her facial mask is also darker. These colors are called Neva Masquerades. She has beautiful blue eyes but is cross-eyed. That is the reason we were not allowed to breed with her. Not that breeding was our intent, but because of the cross-eyedness we were able to buy her. If she had normal eyes the breeders would have kept her for breeding themselves. She is our spiritual cat, she talks to you and she loves sleeping, hanging about and eating, but not everything. She can follow you around like a little dog. She is very to herself, she likes us, and she tolerates the other cat and the dogs. When we have visitors she mostly retreats. When I spend too much time behind the pc she just will come and block the screen so that is my queue to stop 🙂 . She loves being outside, just lying under some trees or bushes, watching everything go by. She is very smart, and calm. She can purr like the best!

And finally we have the youngest one of the clan, Toendra. She is also a Siberian Cat (also with pedigree), and she is gorgeous. She was born on December 12th, 2008, and her color is Black Tabby Mackerel with white. And she should be fully grown, but she is a bit small. We are working on that at the moment; she probably doesn’t want to grow up. And maybe we don’t want her to do that 😉 She also has been with us since she left the litter. She is so full of life, a real treat. She is the adventurer; she is always up to something. She loves to lie on or near you, or near the dogs. She is a very social cat and when people come to visit she always comes to say hello. She thinks she is a dog! She loves to jump. She loves to eat, and she eats almost everything. She is very playful, and always is provoking Luna, and so she ends up with a scratched nose or ear or something like that a lot! But it doesn’t seem to bother her. Ever seen Simon’s cat? Toendra really is a Simon’s cat. She too loves to be outside (on a leash), but because she is so playful it doesn’t always work out……

So that is our current zoo. We’ve had a lot of other pets in the past, all kinds, birds, fish, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, other cats. But I don’t want to have pets anymore that I have to keep in a cage, it doesn’t feel right anymore. Someday maybe we will be able to go live in the country where our pets can really move freely. Because of all the traffic and regulations where we live now, we have to keep them indoors and on a leash, and it doesn’t always feel right.

Love, barking and purrrrrssss

Diana, Richard (the husband), Elvis, Saraja, Fluffy, Luna and Toendra (or maybe the cats should be named first 😉 )

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4 thoughts on “Introducing our housemates

  1. I know these critters….. don’t I? 🙂

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