Laws of attraction

I’ve been wanting to write this all week, but just didn’t get to it. But I still feel I have to write it down. My head just won’t let me do anything else it seems until I write these thoughts down.

Today was difficult day, with disturbing news about the health of a beloved family member, so at first I hesitated to write this down but I cannot deny my own thoughts.

Lately I have been wondering about the power of thought. I have some people in my life who just seem to attract “bad” things happening to them. But lately I’ve noticed a pattern. People who have that always complain about how these things always happen to them, as if they attract them. I think they do. I think we do. Maybe not always fully aware but we do. I think it starts with a negative experience you had once. It set of a negative way of thinking about the experience and everything that you associate with that experience later on. For instance: I’ve had some bad experiences with people we hired to do things around the house, have had not too many good experiences with insurance companies and so on. So now I don’t trust them on forehand. I already assume that they will try to talk me into things I actually don’t want or need, or that they will not do a good job but still want to get fully paid. So when I get into contact with people like that I am already setting a certain tone…. A negative one….. I believe everything resonates so when I start to resonate in this way the bad thing, the negative experience will happen. I am my own cause of discomfort!

Now I hear you say: but what about disease, accidents, loosing your job, death of loved ones? I didn’t ask for that? But is that really true? At some point in your life maybe you asked for a challenge in life, a challenge in your work, something like that. You assume this is going to be something positive or exciting. But you don’t really put it out there that you want a positive challenge, you just ask for A challenge. Handling a disease, an accident, becoming unemployed, death of a loved one, dealing with your own mortality, with the yin and yang of life…. Aren’t they the greatest challenges of all? That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Be careful what you wish for? Things like that?

Thinking positive can alter your cells, that is known; look at what positive thinking and living can do to water…. Now consider the fact that the most part of your body is water……

I also hear you think: but what about children, I am sure they didn’t ask for bad stuff happening to them? Didn’t they? Maybe they did in a past life and just haven’t learned their lesson yet, so they get the challenge (again) in this life?

And then there is the point of war, fighting: you didn’t ask for that? But we all want peace? We ask for peace? Without a war there is no need for peace…. We have trapped ourselves in an endless circle of war and peace.

And what about the economic crisis, the politicians, the big bosses who take all the money? We as a society set the tone, we don’t trust anyone anymore, and we collectively assume that there is a crisis, so there will be a crisis. We collectively assume politicians are bad and that they don’t work for the people anymore, so they do. We make up conspiracy theories, so they will start to exist. We complain about the big bosses taking all the money, we automatically assume they will, so they will. We are creating our own world.

I’ve been worried about the environment, the plants, the trees, the animals, and the planet. The green movement has been slowly growing the last decades. But it hasn’t changed for the better, it is only getting worse. Because we send out those images of destruction in our heads?

And now we think the world is going to end or the world as we know it, or the human race will be wiped out….. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I am not saying any of the above is right, I was just wondering about that. I think we can change the world; by just trying to alter our way of thinking. And not like some people tell you to, not for personal gain, or material success but just to build a different society.

I believe in a collective consciousness, and that it is one of the most powerful things alive. It can save us but it can also destroy us. The choice is up to you.

Maybe we should simply stop thinking all together and listen to the wise words of Lennon and McCartney: Let it be……


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3 thoughts on “Laws of attraction

  1. Hear hear!

  2. Truth! Good post, Diana.

    I couldn’t agree more – our thoughts, our attitude, our vibration creates our experience. Life conforms itself to us, dances with us – sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful, agony, ecstasy… but one thing is certain; we are not victims.

    Peace! ~ Ben

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, indeed life does dance with us, as I experienced again very strongly last weekend 🙂

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