Too much to do, to little time? Or trouble focusing? Am I too old to learn?

Yesterday I went to a great workshop where I learned a few basics on how to play the darbuka. I love the instrument and the rhythms, because I love music from the middle-east where they use these kinds of percussions. I found it to be more difficult than I thought, especially the ka, and somehow I think I missed some passion or strength, to really create the sound needed?

Anyway: I wanted to buy one immediately and start playing it, being a Gemini and all…… But….. As I also experienced during the workshop, there are some things I need to learn first:

  • Finish what I’ve started so far: that is my education, setting up my own business; learning how to play the instruments I already have
  • Learn how to focus: after about two hours I noticed my concentration was almost completely gone….
  • Practice self-discipline: to master an instrument, or to master any kind of trade you need to practice, practice, and practice. Talent is not always enough and especially when you find you are not a natural talent at something you need to practice. And ask yourself if this is what you really want to do.
  • Learn to stay with myself in a group: as I noticed yesterday and have experienced in other workshops in the past, I tend to step into the energy of the group, to work together, and I lose the focus on myself. If someone is playing something, or singing I tend to play or sing along, and not find my own rhythm or song…. I think we are all one, but I think maybe this is taking it a step to far 🙂
  • Find out where my true passions lie, why I want to learn certain things, like playing the darbuka. My goal is not to become a performing artist, my passion is and will always be with helping the animals, and I have found out that with sound you can accomplish so much, but if the darbuka will do that? Well maybe if you want a belly dancing dog 😉
  • Teaching: as I watched the patience our teacher had with us yesterday, and how he really wanted to teach us his passions I again realized that is what I want to do too. Teach people about the healing power we all hold within, the power of the plants, the trees, the planet, the universe, creating awareness…..

Soooo this was again a valuable lesson, not just learning about a fantastic instrument. I do want to learn how to play, but not just yet. I have learned some things (rhythms, counting) that I can look into because it will come in handy in other instruments I want to play, but I have to put the darbuka on hold.

Sometimes I think I started this all too late….. That I am too old to learn all I want to learn…. But then again, I think you are never too old to learn anything…. It is never too late 🙂 And the journey in the end is more important than the destination.

Enjoy your sunday!


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