Even more mandala’s

When looking back at the mandala’s I made I realise how much I enjoyed making them, even though most of them were not intuitive ones. But just working on them, working with the colour, I really liked doing that.

Here are the next mandala’s I made in the past.

 Elephant, I gave this to the Friends of the Elephant Foundation

 This was a hard one for me to make, because I have trouble with the Yin/Yang aspect of life, I gave this one to someone who really liked it 🙂

More coming up tomorrow….



Author: balancingshadows

Just little me, trying to wake people up, trying to help our mother earth. Always learning about me, about life. I am a therapist in natural medicine for animals and an animalcommunicator. Forever young, but an old soul. Passionate about music. Trying to rediscover my creative sides. Boring people with my "wisdoms" and quotes. Trying to accept the fact that I belong to the human race. Building up courage to take a leap of faith. These blogs are my thoughts, my emotions, my experiences, my truths. They are not based on any scientific facts or what so ever. I cannot take responsibility for my blogs causing you to experience any discomfort ;-)

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