Mandala time again and some insight….

Some more mandala’s to share and an important insight…….

I’ve been thinking, growing and feeling a lot lately. Coming weekend I am going on a spiritual trip with my soulmatefriend, and hope to gain even more insight in myself with the help of horses and painting. Horses do let you see where you stand. Are you truly authentic or are there hidden agenda’s even you yourself are not aware of. It is in a place away from everyday life, with no machines, just us, nature and the animals. Where I can contemplate on my next steps towards my true purpose in life. I do think I am a Shaman, a modern-day one perhaps. Maybe it is time to let go of old dogma’s about being a Shaman, or a medicine man or a prophet or whatever it is called. I feel ancient knowledge from deep within is surfacing more and more. Where worlds that were once separate meet. I feel it in my body, my soul. I have done some amazing healing-sessions, my senses are sharp. I feel my path is unfolding before my eyes. I now know that everything up until now has led to this point. This is a point of no return. I can not go back, I can no longer hide. I need to get out there and share my thoughts, my feelings, heal and create awareness and connect, to create oneness. To lay down a path for those who are willing to step into the new world. I have been reading about Indigo and Crystal children, about my Mayan path, my Shamanism, my connection to nature, the planet, the animals, my connection to the ancient Kelts…. It all fits, it all comes together. My next lesson is to really step out there and show my true self, not to hide behind the masks of society……

This one I just started colouring (intuitively) and afterwards tried to see if any forms could be created. As you can see in my case  it were animals, no surprise 😉

This was also an intuitive one, where we had to loosely divide the circle into 5 parts and then create some patterns you liked. To me it was nature all around, leaves, water, feathers, rocks and sort of frog eggs 🙂

Enjoy your day…..


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2 thoughts on “Mandala time again and some insight….

  1. I hope the horses can help with snoring otherwise there won’t be much sleep for you this weekend 😉

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