Spiritual horse weekend

Last weekend I was blessed to spend a weekend with horses and people as teachers. I had this idea that I had learned so much lately that not much more could be learned, at least not in this way. How wrong I could be.

Morgana painting 🙂

The weekend started with my dear friend Grace picking me up at my house. I don’t have a driver’s license and she doesn’t own a car anymore, so we decided to hire a car for the weekend. We wanted to bring some instruments to play on so public transport was a difficult option. And renting a car turned out to be very affordable in comparison to going by public transport. So we packed the car and of we went for a two-hour drive.

The weekend took place at the Uelenspieghel in Uffelte, The Netherlands. As soon as we set foot on the terrain it was like, wow, there is a special kind of energy here. The Uelenspieghel is place where people live in a bit different way then we are “used” to, although it felt very normal to me. It is an old farm in a beautiful setting. There are a few little houses on the terrain, and you can put up a tent, igloo or yurt to stay in. We stayed with a dear friend of mine, Anouchka from Pyramidekristal. She lives in a small house on the terrain. She wasn’t there when we arrived, we met Nadja and Ivy and Ivy gave us the key to the house. When we entered we at first thought, wow…. this is small indeed, but the longer the weekend went on, the more we got used to it and the energy was so nice that it only took us a little time to adjust and really felt it was a big house J We had a blast trying to cook ourselves dinner, but we did and it was tasty! When Anouchka arrived it was so great seeing her again, it had been a while.

Is she laughing at us???? 😉

We settled in and slept on the attic of Anouchka’s lovely house. The next day the weekend started. We met up with the other people who were doing the weekend with us, and the people who gave the workshops. We started doing body awareness with Mischa, and that was a great way to start off… This was done in the presence of the horses. They just walked around and helped us wherever needed, but we were not allowed to touch. We had to stay with ourselves, also in contact with the others we had to stay in our centre. It was all about getting in touch with your body, getting out of our heads so to speak. After that we had a very nice lunch, made by the cook Stefan. In the afternoon we had a workshop intuitive painting/drawing, Anouchka gave that one. I discovered by letting go, I was able to paint! And nicely too! Anouchka then gave us an explanation on what she thought and felt our paintings meant, that was an eye-opener! Again the horses helped us during this workshop.

Some of our paintings, mine is the one most on the right and the one on the right bottom is the one Grace and I made together

Then we had a lovely dinner, and after some relaxing we went on to the evening program, Mischa again gave that one, it was intuitive dancing. It was really nice, but I already had some digestive problems, and had to stop halfway because of the food returning from my stomach…..

We did some after chatting, and got to know each other even more, and then it was time to go to sleep.

Me getting some help from the horses (I am the one with the horses on her left and right….)

On Sunday we got up early and had some breakfast. Again my stomach and bowels were having some trouble, but I could go on. We went to the round pen to actually start working with the horses. It was about natural leadership. I had done something like this in the past and wasn’t able to get the horses moving then, so I kind of blocked. Some intense things happened during that workshop, and finally it was my turn. I got a very sensitive horse that was very aware of what was happening, and went into motion by the movement of a finger. But I was even able to get her moving purely on thought and feeling. That was such a special experience for me. This took away my block. The next horse I got moving too and that was not a horse that moved easily. After this experience we had lunch again and after some chilling we did coaching with the horses in the afternoon. Again this was a very powerful message for me. After these sessions we closed up, had some sandwiches and all went our separate ways again.

Morgana helping me find my inner warrior or Indian…..

Sooo this was the detailed technical part of the weekend. Now what did I feel. I felt a lot. I actually felt so much and experienced so much that I am a little sick today. I have the symptoms of a stomach flu but without the temperature. I know intense (shamanic) experiences like this can make you feel sick, but this is actually the first time this has happened to me. I felt really blessed with receiving so much help, from the animals, the people, mother earth, and the cosmos. What my messages were? They were very personal, but they all basically had to do with finding my true strength. I felt this powerful deep knowing; I felt everything the horses felt and sometimes even the people. I realized the horses were helping us because they want to, with unconditional love, and that with how we treat them. That they are here voluntary to help us ascend into another state of consciousness. That they are willing to make the sacrifices they have made and still do. This is a very important lesson. I also realized that I did not always have to come to the rescue, to have faith that the ones taking care of the horses in this case would do that. Because sometimes it was very intense for the horses.

Finding her natural leadership

I also realized I still judge. Some people I immediately had judged by seeing and listening to them in the beginning where we introduced ourselves. And by the end of the weekend I could only see them with love, like human beings struggling to find their path. As I do to. People who are so hard on themselves, who are dominant. I realized that they were my mirrors too. The qualities they had too much I had to little and vice-versa. I realized I am always putting myself down. No I can’t do that, no I must have a diploma first. This doesn’t mean I will change overnight but I do realize now why some things just don’t happen. I also realized not to want to control and plan everything. Although I went into this with little expectations a lot happened. And it was that way for everyone. Also for the teachers. Also for my soulfriend Grace. Also for Anouchka. The unexpected is what teaches you the most. The biggest lesson perhaps was to find that if I get out of my head a deeper knowing arises. Communicating with animals, people, and the earth on a different level. I also kind of realized I would love to live in a place like this, but as my heart is also with my husband I will have to find a balance in that.

Misty morning….. Was this especially for us?

When I came back I realized how much my old doggie friend Elvis had missed me and although I would love to go on a holiday in august I will not be planning anything just yet. I do realize I will have to discuss this with my husband. It is about letting go of control and trusting the universe. If we both can do that it will be alright. Maybe we cannot book the sleeping places we would like right now, but we can adjust. It just wouldn’t be fair to Elvis to go on a three-week vacation, and leaving him behind. Although I have a feeling he won’t be here anymore in august, I can’t know for sure.

So here I am. Back in the “modern” world, with all the media and machinery, still being sick, feeling very cold. But I wouldn’t have missed this for the world, not one minute of it. I really enjoyed this, being with lovely people and friends, with the animals, being outdoors. Just being in the now. Getting in touch with my deeper inner self. Seeing a tip of the real me. Now to get her out in the open. That is the next process 🙂 But as I will always stay connected to the teachers of this weekend I am sure I am going to make this.

Thanks to Grace, for being a sister, a soul mate, a teacher, a friend and for the lovely music we made together.

Thanks to Anouchka, for opening up her home and heart, for being a soulsister, for her valuable insights.

Thanks to Mischa, for getting me back into my body, and for the great talks we had, I feel the connection.

Thanks to Stefan, for the great meals, and the music and just being a very funny man 🙂

Thanks to Ivy, for taking such good care of us, for dealing with all the business stuff, for being the photographer, and again for the talks

Thanks to Nadja, for being who she is, for showing me my another part of my (shaman) path, for getting me in touch with my inner strength.

Thanks to the other beautiful women attending this weekend, I’ve learned so much from you all, and hope to see you some day again.

Thanks to the animals, mother earth, the Great Spirit, the Uelenspieghel for the energy needed to do this weekend.

And last but not least: thanks to the horses, Gitane, Morgana, Kendra, Nike and Bresen (I hope I got the names right, but it really doesn’t matter), for being the best teachers this planet has.

For more information (these websites are in Dutch, so only for the Dutch readers)

The Uelenspieghel
Bitless and More


Love and light


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7 thoughts on “Spiritual horse weekend

  1. talesfromthelou March 5, 2012 — 11:29 pm

    Very nice D. Sorry about your tummy. Feeling better ? What caused it ?

    1. Mjah, opening up certain energy flows I guess 🙂 It’s ok, feeling a little better today 🙂 All part of the process ……

  2. Wow… very heavy weekend indeed 🙂 I am happy for you that you found your learning path is still going strong 🙂 I knw your mind is sett two ways but you will get there 🙂 Althought it will take a lifetime, it will be a great journey for you! 🙂 Love ya !!!

    1. It didn’t feel heavy, but more like the needed next step in my learning process 🙂 I enjoyed the weekend immensly, don’t be mistaken 😉 and Right back at ya!!!

  3. YOU MADE ME CRY AT WORK! Nice sister you are huh 😉 I feel like I’m getting a cold (nose/airways) so I guess I need some more air to adjust to all we have learned 😉 I’m feeling very very happy, like dancing and playing music all the time (but hey…. “what would you do when you followed your heart” 😉 ) Making music together means very much to me! And I feel blessed that the people around us liked it so much! Playing outside gets a whole new meaning!



    1. Awww!!! I also had to cry writing it soooo 😉 Although being sick the past few days I also feel very happy, and still sooooo connected to the horses 🙂 And indeed playing outsided together, making people happy with our music was a blessing indeed!

      Hippiehugs 😉

  4. Hi Di,
    Although you already shared your thoughts and insights with me, after reading your blog it even comes to life more. So a person must do what a person must do, you only have to ask, whether it is to the Universe, Angels, God, the Cosmos, horses or sometimes other people. I’m happy for you, that you give yourself the opportunity and create experiences that let you grow, and grow, and grow…
    Liefs, Yv

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