Mmmmm mandalatime

And after a first day of work since 2 weeks having a sore lower back again…. I just have to hold on a bit longer…..

But here are some more mandala’s for you:

This is one I was very proud of…. It was done in ecoline (a form of ink, don’t know what it is called in English) with an ink pen. I just let the energy flow and this came out 🙂 This is hanging on a dear friends wall who really saw “me” in this Mandala

On the other side is this Mandala, this is one I was least proud of. As a group taking the Mandala lessons we all had to choose a colour and a shape and then make a mandala with all of these forms and shapes. Somehow it just didn’t flow and somehow I couldn’t get the group into this mandala…..

And then I went on an experimental trip. This one was for my niece’s birthday, where I used little pictures of butterflies and real birds feathers. This was fun to make 🙂 It turned out very colourful too!

And with this I leave you, I am going to take a hot bath to sooth my back and make it an early night. The lessons from the last weekend are still working…..



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2 thoughts on “Mmmmm mandalatime

  1. I love all three, but I do like the first one best. I hope your back is feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you…. I think it will feel better on saturday….. 😉

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