Mandala’s and sick again

Sooooo I thought I was strong enough to start working again, but after two days I am back where I started….. So this means staying home sick again……


I am running out of mandala’s because I stopped making them. I want to start them again, but also start painting and soooo many other things….. but for now here are some more……

These are two mandala’s I made for Halloween. Ok so not quite the season now, but love them anyway. They ar both at my sisters….

Love, light and good health


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2 thoughts on “Mandala’s and sick again

  1. parhaps you can make a post-horseweekend mandala 😉

    1. mmmm tempting 🙂 Maybe I will 🙂 But painting was also an option 🙂 Waaaa choices!!!! Or both…. ofcourse…. mmmm…..

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