SUNday and more mandala’s

Okay, it is really a sunny start of the day. I’ll be making a salad in a minute for a nice day spend with my beloved Tribemembers.

There is something I can’t let go. On Facebook someone came up with the idea to build a (natural) home for Stenny from Omnia. As we are a special sort of fans and Omnia gives us so much it would be a really awesome gesture to gather forces, knowledge and talents and build them their dream house. So they don’t get rejected every time they go for a house just because of the way they look. Because having “them” in the neighbourhood would get down the value of the properties…. really stupid…… And the more I think of doing this for them, the more I feel this is something we should create. We are a sort of big Tribe, with a shared love for the planet and nature and the animals, and for making music and art. I really believe that if we all start to BELIEVE it will happen it WILL happen. Someone just has to make a start and a lot will follow. The first step onto actually achieving something is to get started, just do it, and the energy will start to flow, the cosmos will start to work for you. I really think, feel, believe that together we should just DO this 🙂


This one was actually really difficult to make! This celtic stuff looks so easy but hmmmm…. It wasn’t. But it turned out ok 🙂 I think!

Ok, so this one didn’t turn out so great. We had to make one with tulips, now tulips are not my favourite flower, coming from the Netherlands I guess you get some sort of overload on tulips. But I tried to make something out of it……

Enjoy your sunday!

Sunrays and springtime!



Author: balancingshadows

Just little me, trying to wake people up, trying to help our mother earth. Always learning about me, about life. I am a therapist in natural medicine for animals and an animalcommunicator. Forever young, but an old soul. Passionate about music. Trying to rediscover my creative sides. Boring people with my "wisdoms" and quotes. Trying to accept the fact that I belong to the human race. Building up courage to take a leap of faith. These blogs are my thoughts, my emotions, my experiences, my truths. They are not based on any scientific facts or what so ever. I cannot take responsibility for my blogs causing you to experience any discomfort ;-)

2 thoughts on “SUNday and more mandala’s”

    1. Then cry…. cry like you’ve never cried before…. Let the pain out! Scream, punc a pillow, and cry…… And in the end insanity is what will save us all…. trying to be sane, to be in control of everything is what’s really driving us crazy…. HUG

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