Time…… and Mandala’s

It’s monday morning again. I’m experiencing time as something that flies by….. It’s unbelievable it’s been over a week since I’ve spent this wonderful time with the horses. And that brings me to a painful point. I love reading blogs, spending time on FB, mailing with loved ones…. But I also love real life. And I have a lot of work to do for school. Seeing my inbox with over 250 blogs to read has gotten me to a point where I have to stop doing this. Not the bloggy blog thing, but stop trying to want to read it all. It just takes up way to much time. As it is with FB. I love reading about other people’s lives and experiences but I have to put a hold on myself now. Schoolwork is falling very far behind, and as it became clear to me last saturday that I really want to finish this school I have to make choices. So I will not be reading blogs for a while, spent less time on FB and probably will cut back to writing one or two blogs a week. I simply have to (Fyi: FB = Facebook).

So today going to make a lot of homework, spend some time in the sun with the dogs and cats and doing some chores around the house.

And for now a few more Mandala’s:

A little easter themed Mandala, fitting with this weather outside 🙂

Intuitive Easter Mandala, notice the little sheep running up hill 😉

Have a great day and don’t forget to get out there, enjoy real life, and talk to real life people if you are in trouble…..

Love and light


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2 thoughts on “Time…… and Mandala’s

  1. Good choices 🙂 Enjoy the sun!

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