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Last week I have been thinking a lot about how conditioned we are in our way of living and thinking. How we really cannot think or live outside the box. I do believe that to be able to do that you really have to know what’s inside the box. First you have to go on an inner journey to really get to know yourself, your pure inner being, and what is yours and what is conditioned. Conditioned by upbringing, society and education. As long as you can’t see the difference in those two aspects of your inner box there is no way you will be able to start thinking outside of the box. To really be innovative in your way of thinking and living. By thinking outside of the box you will no longer think in terms of impossibilities.

Last Tuesday we had some lessons about communication at school. How we should behave or communicate to the outside world. How we should make our website, our house-style when we start a business. And I felt this resistance. I felt that what we were told was only the way of the big system. How you should think commercially. How to behave. Conditioned. I felt it did not fit in with the whole holistic thinking, about being a therapist in natural medicine. Where you have to stay open-minded, to try to find what’s really going on. Through all the stories that you hear from the owners you have to be able to find the core of the problem. To be able to do that you have to keep an open mind, to be willing to think outside of the box. We have to learn a lot at school, mainly theory, but this way of thinking is not something you can learn. It is something that has nothing to do with learning. It is something inside of you, call it intuition, and call it a form of clairvoyance. Who knows? Of course you also use your other senses but to really pick up what is going on you have to stay open, especially when working with animals.

What I also noticed during these lessons was the judgmental way we talked about the leaflets of other people. How we could not be able to see that this leaflet meant a lot to the person who made this. How maybe this was a huge deal for the one that designed this. How we started talking about that it had to be commercial. Thinking about this on the way home I decided to throw away all those lessons and guidelines and just follow my heart and instinct in setting up my own practice. In order to be innovative, to be able to think outside of the box you sometimes have to take a leap of faith and just be different, dare to stand out. Success to me is not about making a lot of money, or having a booming business. For me it is about creating awareness, helping the animals in another way then the regular way. If that means I will attract only a certain group of costumers then so be it. If that means I will be a little controversial in my way of working by being creative in setting my tariffs or maybe even trade goods or services for my work then this is how I want to work. Be the change you want to see in the world. A wise man once said that. In Dutch being stubborn is called “eigenwijs”. If you translate that literally it means eigen = own, wijs = wise. So it is my own wisdom that will get me where I want. It doesn’t matter how others will start their businesses after school, they will all find their way. But it does take courage to stand out, to do it in a different way, in a way that you feel deep down in your heart, in your inner box, is the right way for you.

Love and light


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5 thoughts on “About boxes….

  1. For most I agree with you *yeay* but ofcourse it helps if you have a website or leaflet that is understandable for people. If you want to reach more people with your business it can be a big help to have a website that is easy to navigate through, clear on how it works and where they can find the most important information. Of course you can do this in several ways, not only THE way school want’s you to do it 😛

    1. Understandable and easy to navigate I can relate to, but it was more like the colours you use, or the photo’s or pictures, that sort of thing that was commented on…. But if I want to give it a softer look, too commercial of businesslike is not how I am, and I think it would mislead people to be different on your leaflet or website then in real life. It has to fit…. 🙂

  2. talesfromthelou March 19, 2012 — 1:03 pm

    Right on D. It gets so frustrating to have to follow a flawed model that is focused always on making money. If something is not highly profitable then it is less than worthy.
    What about let the people express themselves and go screw your flawed capitalistic model ?
    BTW: I hope you are feeling better. And what did you mean by “Life is catching up with me ?”
    I wonder if what is going on in the world/universe is affecting some of us more empathic creatures ? After last week’s major solar flare a whole bunch of people, including me, and many bloggers I follow, went into crisis mode…
    Let’s get strong Diana. The world needs empaths like us at this (final) stage of the play.

    1. I said time is catching up 🙂 But I guess life and time are not so different 😉 I am sure those who are more sensitive, the empaths are affecting us, but more in a conscious way. It is affecting a lot of people, they are getting sick, burn-outs, death. It is all around us, times are changing. And I think we are channels, to help eachother get into the new dimension….. But we will stay strong, we will find ways to make our own paths, as Coyote had a message for me yesterday with the medicine wheel to create my own unique path 🙂 and not to let others get in the way with that 🙂 Let’s keep doing what we are good at! Spread the word, the energy, and yes at times we will face great challenges, but we will get through this. It is like a birth, the last part is always the toughest one…..
      Love, D

      1. talesfromthelou March 19, 2012 — 1:48 pm

        Right on ! Happy smiley face to you !

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