Back to work it is and saying goodbye to an old friend…..

So…. the pc is back up and running….. We actually had to buy a new one. My poor husband has been irritated all week with this so I will give him a nice massage tonight for his tight neck-muscles and headache….. So now I am catching up on homework, emails and stuff…..

The other thing that came up last week is the fact that my very loved and old friend Elvis is saying goodbye to this life. Elvis is almost 16 now and I had my friend/animal communicator Mariet have a little talk with him because I couldn’t really connect with him at this time. His and mine emotions were standing in the way of opening up to each other, to really talk. He is ready to move on but he is feeling sad of letting me and his body go. He has been so happy living with us, as we accepted him for who and what he was, with his physical disabilities. So I am deeply honoured that he allows me to help him let go of his physical form. Of course this is an emotional process and it takes time for both of us to adept. A lot of helpers are near, and he is clearly giving me messages about what he needs to let go. For now he doesn’t want to be actively euthanized, he wants to try to let go on his own first. He needs the rest for doing this, and he needs to say goodbye to those who have known and helped him through the years. He also really wants to say goodbye to places we have spent happy times. So that is what we will be doing for him. Together with some flower remedies and homeopathy for his eye I will support him in this. This is a very important step for him and me. To have faith in the fact that even though he will leave this form we will forever stay connected, and that in his new form he will always be there for me. To help me, to guide me. As he has always done….

Of course I am crying my eyes out, but these are not just tears of sadness, but also tears of thankfulness and being honoured to stand by him in the last period of his mortal life.

These words from the Josh Groban song Higher window describes our relationship so well. I often dance with him to this song: How perfect we were meant to be, our warm and silent symmetry……..

So to those of you who know or have known Elvis, please come say goodbye to him, in real life or just in thought, he needs this to move on.

Love and light

Diana and Elvis

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4 thoughts on “Back to work it is and saying goodbye to an old friend…..

  1. I have dreamed of him last night, we talked…. strange but very nice. I will say goodbye… I will. I love him and always will for everything he stands for 🙂

  2. This was your way of saying goodbye, I can feel it 🙂 Thank you soooo much 🙂

  3. hugs for all of you! Thanks for the beautiful song…. “it made me mis you more”


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