Update on Elvis

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. That is because studies are taking up a lot of time, it is going well, but leaves little room for other things to do. And the little time I do take off are preserved for friends, family and pets. Quality time as it is called.

I wanted to give an update on our process with my old doggie-friend Elvis. We have been with him to the park and to the beach and I sang some songs for him. In the beginning it was way too emotional for both of us, but I was also going too fast. So now we are taking it one step at a time.

The singing was the first bit and I overdid this, it really was too much for both of us and he actually got sick the first few days. So I contacted the animal-communicator and with her and Elvis I decided to take things slow, when he was ready for the next step. And I explained to Elvis that even if we didn’t get to do the things on his wish list physically we could always do them in spirit.

Going to the park was a different matter, we really liked it. He enjoyed himself, it was almost like the young dog was back in there. Afterwards we made a little tour through the village to the places where we used to live. He was sniffing and looking, really alert. Below are some pictures of that experience (park only).



Last weekend we went to the beach. This was a very beautiful experience, he was very aware that this was his last visit to the beach in this lifetime. He sat there, in the wet sand, enjoying the wind, the sand and the cool salty water. We cried….. A lot…. Below are some pictures of this beautiful experience…..





















So he still is on this earth, but he told me not to wait too long with his wish list. I sometimes feel he is half gone already, he doesn’t always respond when he is resting and I touch him. I can feel his energy is fading; the life-force is getting weaker.

I will miss him immensely but I am so thankful that I can experience this with him, and am able to give him the space he needs to leave this life on his own terms.

Love and peace,


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3 thoughts on “Update on Elvis

  1. It’s a bit sad what u write but also reconfortating, you are a great person 🙂 blessings to Elvis

  2. What a beautiful dog! His end days seem happy.

    1. Thank you, and we try to make it as nice for him as possible 🙂

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