2013: the beginning of…..

Hi dear readers,

I haven’t posted any “real” blog in a while. I had a lot of thinking to do and the process of the departure of Elvis from this world took a hold of me. My new year started 12-12, the day he passed on, and then continued at 21-12, when the new energy arrived on earth and in my soul. You see, saying goodbye to my old dog friend also meant saying goodbye to my old life. I stopped working in August to focus on studies and starting up my own business. Now the last half year I wasn’t sure about anything anymore, studies, work, family, relationships. I needed the time to reset. I also realized that although blogging is fun to do, it mostly comes down to the same thing. I haven’t had time to read other peoples blogs but most of the time they all are about life, and finding your path in life. I love to read about others as it helps me understand humanity more, because that is what had become clear to me these last few months. Becoming human. Because up until very recently I didn’t want to be human, because in admitting being human I am partly responsible for everything that is going “wrong” with this world…. But is it? Is it wrong? Isn’t it all part of life’s big learning process? To get rid of the duality’s? To all become one again? Because that is what the new beginning is for me…. I think in time we will ascend to being something else, in another form then we are now. And you are what you want to be, you are what you think you are. So my goals are to become more human, to accept me as a whole, then I will start accepting my kind as they are, and when we all start doing that things will change. And on a more practical note: I am going to focus on studies now to finish my education and set up my own business. Still my heart lies with helping the animals, but through them I can raise awareness with my own kind, and that is all I want to do 🙂 So peace, love, awareness and positivity to you all the coming year, whatever calender you use 🙂

Love and Light



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1 thought on “2013: the beginning of…..

  1. and in the end (or really the beginning) you choose this life to start with hahahaha are you screwed or what? 😉 Nice to hear to want to accept your human monkeyness… there are a lot of nice peeps out here as well so you better join the partie! ❤

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