Are we meant to keep pets?

Today I read a blog by someone else, that really was a rant about human mutant naked monkeys f*cking up nature as we speak. By branding certain animal species as vermin, because they are native to the land but eating imported animals that we mass produce as things only to (over)feed us.

This made me so mad, he was right. We humans are so bloody arrogant to give these beautiful creatures of nature a death-sentence for trying to survive in harsh times, because we are destroying their natural habitats for our own needs, so they can’t find food anymore. Because we are destroying the natural balance of things. Because we ourselves are not in balance with our own nature. And this is where it all falls to pieces. This is what is so wrong with the human race. The day they separated mind, soul and body as being something not as one.

Today I had some trees in my garden trimmed, because the neighbours with their concrete garden complained about not having enough light in their garden. And now I am staring at them, feeling their pain because their beautiful natural form is totally destroyed, and I feel so guilty! But as I live in the human world and I don’t want to get into a fight with my sour neighbours I, just for the sake of peace, went on and got them trimmed. And I feel weak. I feel weak because I didn’t stand up. Because the forestry feeling in my garden is gone. Because two birds nests were destroyed in the cutting process. And I see those birds searching for what they had made. Luckily the gardeners said there weren’t any eggs in it yet, but still, those birds have to start over building a nest. And probably not in these trimmed trees….. As I see all the birds in my garden, finding the food and shelter they need, because we destroyed their habitats I feel confused. I think about what we are doing. And this gets me to keeping pets. I wonder why we keep them. The word keeping or owning them is wrong on itself. The overall idea is that we want to keep pets because they give us a good feeling. But what is that good feeling? Why do they give us that? Aren’t they surrogates for something we have lost along the way of our own evolution? The ability for unconditional love? Towards each other? Pets love us no matter what they say. Of course that is to their own benefits because we feed them, and give them shelter. If they would stand up to their imprisonment they would be “humanely euthanized”. And of course there are people who keep animals because they want to dominate something. They want that animal to do what they say. Humans try to control everything, and I don’t think that is meant to be. There is no freedom for the animals we keep, and we are hypocrites. We overall take good care of our pets, or at least we think we do, with the best intentions, but we don’t care about the animals that live in the dairy, meat or farm industry. We totally have lost our connection to nature and what it is like to be truly free, because we are all prisoners of our own thoughts and feelings. When I look at the animal or plant kingdom and see that they totally accept life as it comes, with all the hard work to survive. And how we try to manipulate everything to our comfort. It kind of sickens me. Right now I think I will never have pets again after the ones I have now have passed on. Because if I gave them the choice, would they stay with me freely? I think not. I think they would want to roam free on this earth, be with their own kind, playing with their brothers and sisters, hunting, foraging, sleeping in the sun, running in the open fields. And would they come in contact with humans? They did once, we called it domestication. But that was of mutual benefits. We could help each other. But in the beginning that was not a forced process. When I see what we do to the animals nowadays, how dogs and cats and even other animals are bred for how they look, but not for their health. How farm animals are nothing more than numbers, then products that need to grow faster and faster. To fulfil the unbelievable greed of mankind. It saddens me. It makes me think that there is only one way to end this all. It is by eradicating mankind or….. with the waking up of mankind, to see what they are doing to the planet and their fellow earthlings. To really take responsibility. To start living in balance with each other and the planet again. To take life as it comes and not to try and manipulate it. I think we can live together with animals in freedom, and not force them to live lives in captivity. I think we can learn a lot more from animals that live in freedom than the animals we try to control. We have to find ways to keep “our” pets happy, because they cannot do what they were born for. We deprive them of everything that makes them animal. We take away their right to hunt, to forage, to move freely, to breed, to be with their own kind on their own conditions. But as long as humans cannot even treat each other as equal we probably won’t get that far. We should all find back the balance of life, feel comfortable with ourselves and our own species, accept life as it comes, and not try to fight those things that are natural.

I am trying to do that, but even that is not possible. I am not allowed to live where I want. Because the land is owned by other people, because man have created countries and borders. Because we are not one with nature. I have to pay for things I don’t want. I have to live by rules I don’t need. I have to get permissions for everything I want to do. I have to get degrees to perform a job, to use my naturally given talents to earn a living. It is unbelievable how everything is being controlled. It is time to let go…..

And as always…. These are MY thoughts, you don’t have to agree…. Freedom is also thinking for yourself……

Love and light

3 thoughts on “Are we meant to keep pets?

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    your words convey the same thoughts I have many days…as you, when my creatures have passed over, I will not have anymore..I have the deer, geese, cats , and all sorts of wildlife on my little 2.5 acreas, but they roam free, the dogs I used to rescue are not very more anymore for it is a struggle to keep them behind a fence, as with the parrot i took in so she wouldn’t be put down, each day i want to let them be free, but I would be sentencing them to death almost instantly for their are many coyotes and other animals of prey that live around me too…
    this was a very good post….
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…

  2. I have struggled too with doing things to keep neighbors happy that weren’t in alignment with my peace and truth and I think NOW I will not do things like that any more. I will not trim my trees for their peace. They will have to start liking my trees or move, I think that is the direction I am heading. Thanks for your honesty and I hope the birds found a place to nest and you found your forest again.

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